I consider myself a Creatrix, and I have been creating for well over 30 years. I love color, and it has been a big part of all my creative endeavors. Twenty plus years ago I was a professional horse show photographer, and in 2004 I had a change of direction but continued to create.
Fast forward to 2016, and I inherited a camera from my Aunt. I decided it was time to get back into photography and learn the digital world. Color and detail capture my eye, and I enjoy bringing those moments to life. To find beauty in unexpected places thrills me. Animals will always be a favorite subject, so every chance I get to share an image of some lovely animal I will.
The creative avenues I enjoy are quite diverse, and continue to grow. I'm very curious and excited to learn new skills. Sometimes, I have to get my hands dirty with paint or knuckle deep in fiber. It's something that photography just can't fulfill. The art portion of this website will continue to evolve, just like I do.

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